Guangdong, China
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Trading Company
Business Range:
Electrical & Electronics, Industrial Equipment & Components, Manufacturing & Processing ...
Management System Certification:
ISO 9001, ISO 9000

YAMAHA Nozzle, SMT Nozzle, YAMAHA 72A Nozzle manufacturer / supplier in China, offering YAMAHA SMT Spare Parts 72A Nozzle, SMT Spare Parts Hitachi Nozzle Hv82c, Hitachi SMT Machine Nozzle Hg52c and so on.

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YAMAHA SMT Spare Parts 72A Nozzle

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Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Piece US $1/ Piece
Port: Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity: 5000pieces/Year
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Transmission Type: Flexible
Automatic Production Line: Assembly
Certification: ISO
Automation: Automation
Flexible Production: Concurrent Engineering
Rhythm: Flow Production Line

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Basic Info

Model NO.: YAMAHA 72A nozzle
Production Scope: Product Line
Product Name: YAMAHA 72A Nozzle
Trademark: YAMAHA
Transport Package: Carton or as Your Requirements
Specification: small size
Origin: Japan

Product Description

YAMAHA SMT spare parts 72A Nozzle specs:
YAMAHA SMT spare parts 72A Nozzle
KGT-M1101-01XBASE        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1180-00XLEVELING BOLT ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1112-00XPLATE 2        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1118-00XPLATE 8        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1113-00XPLATE 3(VALVE)        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1113-01XPLATE 3(VALVE)        Qinyi Electronic
KHM-M1113-10XPLATE 3(VALVE)        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M8582-00XVALVE        Qinyi Electronic
$SL8-01JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
$KM-11MUFFLER        Qinyi Electronic
91314-03025BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-03025BOLT,HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1113-10XPLATE 3-1(REG)        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1325-00XBRACKET 5        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1141-00XMANUFOLD        Qinyi Electronic
$TSH8-01JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
$TSS4-01JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
K40-M8598-00XPLUG 1        Qinyi Electronic
91314-04008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-04008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1114-00XPLATE 4(I/O)        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M0107-00XP.SUPPLY SUB ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M0107-10XP.SUPPLY SUB ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1338-00XBRACKET, MAIN S/W        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1120-00XPLATE 10(CONNECTOR)        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1120-01XPLATE 10(CONNECTOR)        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M1346-00XBRACKET FD        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M1347-00XBRACKET FIX        Qinyi Electronic
KW8-M1161-00XPLATE 11(TRANS)        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M111A-00XBRACKET, GAUGE        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M8583-00XOPTION MANIFOLD ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8501-00XAIR FILTER        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8503-00XMODULE ADAPTER        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8502-00XMIST FILTER        Qinyi Electronic
$SL12-03JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8504-00XREGULATER        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8504-01XREGULATOR        Qinyi Electronic
$TL4-02JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KH1-M8501-00XEXHAUST VALVE        Qinyi Electronic
$KM-23MUFFLER        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8512-00XJOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8513-00XJOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KHN-M8599-00XJOINT,ELBOW 1/2        Qinyi Electronic
KHN-M8599-00XJOINT,ELBOW 1/2        Qinyi Electronic
$TSH4-M5JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
$UEDW10-8JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1125-00XPLATE, CLAMP        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1151-00XPLATE,SIDE 1        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1151-01XPLATE,SIDE 1        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1152-01XPLATE SIDE 2        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1153-01XPLATE SIDE 3        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1153-00XPLATE,SIDE 3        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M1153-50XPLATE,SIDE 3        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1154-01XPLATE, BOTOM 1        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M4126-01XGUIDE RAIL L ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M4127-01XGUIDE RAIL R ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
91314-04008BOLT HEX. SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91314-05008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-05008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91314-05014BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-05014BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91314-06016BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-06016BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
KM8-M117C-00XSHEET        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M117C-01XSHEET        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M11B0-00XAIR TAG        Qinyi Electronic
KM5-M8531-00XACCUMLATOR        Qinyi Electronic
$TS12-04JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M4187-00XFAN GUARD 119MM        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8582-40XVALVE        Qinyi Electronic
KV1-M226C-00XPLATE        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M1345-00XBAND        Qinyi Electronic
KG7-M8596-00XPRESSURE GAUGE        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8501-40XFILTER ELEMENT        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M8502-40XMIST FILTER ELEMENT        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M6566-00XSPACER PLATE        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M6566-50XCOVER PLATE        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M6565-50XUPS        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M511A-00XUPS PEDESTAL KIT        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1151-10XPLATE,SIDE 1        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1151-11XPLATE,SIDE 1        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1301-A0XCOVER 1 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1301-A1XCOVER 1 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1302-A0XCOVER 2 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1303-A0XCOVER 3 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1304-A0XCOVER 4 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1305-00XCOVER 5        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1306-A0XCOVER 6 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1307-A0XCOVER 7 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1308-A0XCOVER 8 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1309-00XCOVER 9-1        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1309-01XCOVER 9-1        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M130A-00XCOVER 9-2        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1340-01XBRACKET 1, COVER 9        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1341-02XBRACKET 2, COVER 9        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1342-00XBRACKET 3, COVER 9        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1343-00XBRACKET 4,COVER 9        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1343-01XBRACKET 4,COVER 9        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1349-00XPLATE 2, NUT        Qinyi Electronic
K93-M1392-00XSPACER  (TM-180-303)        Qinyi Electronic
KH2-M1324-00XGRIP        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1331-01XBRACKET GAS DAMPER        Qinyi Electronic
KL3-M1348-10XGAS SPRING        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M1348-00XGAS SPRING        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1346-00XSHOULDER, BOLT        Qinyi Electronic
KL0-M1373-01XBRACKET 1 SCHMEASAL        Qinyi Electronic
KL0-M1374-00XPLATE 1 SCHMESAL        Qinyi Electronic
91317-04008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91317-04008BOLT HEX.SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91317-04010BOLT HEX. SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91317-05014BOLT HEX. SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
K16-90101-08XBOLT: TP-M4X8        Qinyi Electronic
K16-90101-12XBOLT: TP-M4X12        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1317-01XCOVER 17        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1318-00XCOVER 18        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M1335-00XBRACKET 1 GATE COVER        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1336-00XBKT CORNER L, BACK        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1337-00XBKT CORNER L, FRONT        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1339-00XBKT CORNER L, FRONT        Qinyi Electronic
K46-M1374-10XHINGE 2        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1356-00XPLATE 1, JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1357-00XPLATE 2, JOINT        Qinyi Electronic
KL3-M1381-02XPLATE 1 KEY BOARD        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1382-00XPLATE 2 KEY BOARD        Qinyi Electronic
98904-04006SCREW BINDING HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
90990-12J006SCREW BIND HEAD W/W        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M130B-A0XCOVER, SIDE 1 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M130C-A0XCOVER, SIDE 2 ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1329-L0XCOVER 29, L        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1329-R0XCOVER 29, R        Qinyi Electronic
KW8-M1386-00XBRACKET, MAGNET        Qinyi Electronic
KJ9-M1354-10XMG. CATCH: TL272-2        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1350-00XCAP, PATLIGHT        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1391-10XPLUG        Qinyi Electronic
          Qinyi Electronic
KW7-M13D7-00XSEAL 2(YAMAHA)        Qinyi Electronic
KW7-M13D7-01XSEAL 2(YAMAHA)        Qinyi Electronic
90K41-000190WARNING SEAL (1)        Qinyi Electronic
90K41-000230WARNING SEAL (2)        Qinyi Electronic
KM0-M531G-00XPANEL PLUG        Qinyi Electronic
KV8-M3759-00XBLIND BUSH        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M13B9-00XHOOK        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M8880-20XBRUSH, FEEDER        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M13D6-00XSEAL 1 (YG200)        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M130B-00XBASE, PLATE USB        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M130C-00XSTAY, BASE        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M130E-00XDOOR USB        Qinyi Electronic
KW3-M1349-00XMINI LATCH        Qinyi Electronic
KGJ-M1351-01XPLATE, MINI LATCH        Qinyi Electronic
KHM-M1397-00XBRACKET, FDD 3        Qinyi Electronic
90K41-000540LABEL, ALERT        Qinyi Electronic
90990-12J001SCREW BINDING HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
90990-12J006SCREW BINDING HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
91312-03006BOLT HEX. SOCKET HEAD        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M6680-20XHNS, USB-MEMORY 2M AS        Qinyi Electronic
KGK-M536A-22XHNS, PE 150        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1349-00XNUT PLATE        Qinyi Electronic
K16-90101-060BOLT:TP-M4X6        Qinyi Electronic
K16-90101-100BOLT:TP-M4X10        Qinyi Electronic
92907-04200WASHER PLAIN        Qinyi Electronic
92903-04200WASHER PLAIN        Qinyi Electronic
95307-06600NUT HEXAGON        Qinyi Electronic
KGS-M1360-00XBOLT        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1310-02XCOVER 10        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1310-00XCOVER 10        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1311-00XCOVER 11        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1312-00XCOVER 12        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1313-00XCOVER 13        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1313-10XCOVER 13        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1314-00XCOVER 14        Qinyi Electronic
KGT-M1315-00XCOVER 15        Qinyi Electronic
KG2-M1370-00XHINGE ASSY        Qinyi Electronic
K44-M1354-00XMG. CATCH (TL-152-2)        Qinyi Electronic
KH1-M1396-00XWASHER        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1326-00XBRACKET 1-1        Qinyi Electronic
KV7-M1328-00XBRACKET 2        Qinyi Electronic
KGA-M1328-00XBRACKET 2        Qinyi Electronic

Why Choose us?

Ever Since the first day of establishment, Qinyi Electronics has play the role of SMT industrial solution provider, it serve customer from domestic and oversea, with good quality production and service, with its commitment to"Product, honesty, Speed", now Qinyi Electronics has own its credit and satisfaction from customers, and which is most treasured, and also what is our seeking for.

Here is what Qinyi can do for you:

1. Qinyi Electronics Has stocks of feeders, nozzles, motors, servo, filters....etc.  For

The well-known brand like JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Assembleon, Sony, FUJI, I-pulse..., we support the original new &refurbished parts, and at the same time, we also support the OEM parts with competitive price with good quality. You need any spare? Just let us know the parts number! 
2. Qinyi support repair service for PCB, motor, servo, valve ....etc., we do that to save your cost! 
3. Buy and sell surplus SMT equipment, if you need any equipment, or need to sell your surplus equipment, just draw us an e-mail or call us now! 
4. Software, including programing, Optimization...., much lower price than from Agent! You can try!

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